Every company wants to create a brand that clearly distinguishes itself in a competitive marketplace.

Coupled with their mission and vision statement, it should communicate the core values of the organisation, without the need to create the often-prescribed lists agreed at team meetings.

So we took a clear decision when Hamilton Hunter was formed that our Brand Philosophy should be real, honest and simple and shared with everyone to enable our clients, candidates and staff to understand what makes us tick.


Our brand consultants asked us to explain what was really important to us and as a recruitment business it was clear that our first thoughts turned to how we managed our clients, candidates and staff.


We didn’t stop there but instead carried on further and accepted that we have a huge responsibility to ensure that we absolutely meet their demands, expectations and needs, at all times.

Pillar –3

Considering our stakeholder responsibilities we also agreed that a triple-bottom-line should always remain important to us and we should always consider our environmental, social and economic responsibility as well.

In effect our philosophy became clear in a short space of time but we knew that sustaining delivery against the 3 components within the 3 areas would not be easy and that our brand would need to serve as a constant reminder of what we stand for.

As the “3 Pillars of Sustainability” is widely recognised in socio-economic circles, we decided that we would link the 2 H’s of Hamilton Hunter to create our own 3 visible pillars and encompass these in an infinite circle.

So now that each time we look at our brand we are constantly reminded, that should we fail to meet the demands, expectations and needs of our clients, candidates and staff, within our environmental, social and economic responsibility, we do not have the business we so passionately created.

And now you know too!

Welcome to Hamilton Hunter